November 18, 2018

Talk To A Lawyer

You would like to discuss your case with lawyer, great read below details carefully.

1. A Help2Consumer representative will get in touch with you, understand your need and will identify which lawyers in our network can assist you.

2. You should not include any information in your request that you would only feel comfortable sharing with the lawyer you end up working with. Confidentiality matters, so please err on the side of caution when you fill out the information to “Talk to a Lawyer”.

3. Our executive will arrange call on given time where both the parties are available to talk i.e. customer & lawyer.

4. Call will schedule next 1-2 working days.

5. Call Time : 15-30 Minute(Max), after 30 minute call will be disconnect automatically.

6. Fees : 300/- (Not Refundable)

Disclaimer : Our associated network of lawyer's & registered consumer organisation, help consumers for getting legal advice, sending legal notice & filing case in consumer court under consumer protection Act 1986.
Please note we are not a “Consumer Forum” / “Consumer Court” & we neither phone consumers not their opponents since we only rely on written information & evidence to advise in consumer complaints and file complaints through our Associate Lawyer's or Consumer itself or Voluntary Consumers Organisation who are entitled u/s 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to file complaints on behalf of consumers.