July 28, 2017


Consumer Help offer below list of services: What we do in the service of the aggrieved consumer seeking relief under the Consumer Protection Act 1986.

  • Legal Advice

    We give an Advice and guidance to consumers seeking information and guidance on phone/email. After ascertaining that the aggrieved person is a consumer under the Act and preliminary finding that there is merit in the complaint for filing the complaint in the consumer fora the consumer is persuaded to file the consumer complaint on his own for which guidance on format, procedures and requirements is given instantly on phone/email for filing the complaint by the consumer who opts for the same.


  • Legal Notice / Intervening Letter / Mediation

    Our associates also intervene on behalf of consumers in their grievances against manufacturers/service providers who are persuaded through correspondence to rectify defects/replacements/refunds, with emphasis on fair business practices in providing service. Several grievances have been settled through such mediation with no need for filing complaints in the Consumer Fora.


  • File Complaint in Consumer Court

    We are associated with consumer organization and lawyer to file case/complaint in consumer fora for those consumers who for personal reasons are unable to act on their own in the consumer fora.

    The Xerox copies of available documents in support of the complaint are received in the administrative office and if on the advice of our legal team, it is recommended to file complaint, a meeting with the consumer is fixed for finalizing the decision.


  • Assistance in Filing Complaint in Consumer Court

    We charge reasonable costs for preparing the complaint docket, filing the complaint and appearing for admission of complaint, attend hearings, filing affidavits and written arguments, at final oral arguments till complaint is decided and judgment order is passed.

Disclaimer : Our associated network of lawyer's & registered consumer organisation, help consumers for getting legal advice, sending legal notice & filing case in consumer court under consumer protection Act 1986.
Please note we are not a “Consumer Forum” / “Consumer Court” & we neither phone consumers not their opponents since we only rely on written information & evidence to advise in consumer complaints and file complaints through our Associate Lawyer's or Consumer itself or Voluntary Consumers Organisation who are entitled u/s 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to file complaints on behalf of consumers.