January 16, 2018

Legal Advice


Processing / Consultation Fees includes:

For the small consultation fees of Rs. 70/- we will provide you advice and guidance in consumer complaints for the defect in goods, deficiency in services and unfair business practices which has caused you a loss and for which you are entitled to claim relief and compensation under the provisions of the “Consumer Protection Act 1986”. Our expert and experienced team will determine the merit in your complaint provided you furnish the name and address of the defaulting party/parties, the nature of the specific default(s) with supporting evidence and the loss caused to you that you wish to claim in the consumer court under the Act.

In response to your complaint you will receive reliable advice and guidance on your email, within 7 working days from the date of payment. If you compliant falls within the jurisdiction of the “Consumer Protection Act 1986” you have the option of filing a complaint on your own (without advocate) or by registered consumer organisation requisitioned by us for issuing notice & filing complaint under the section 12 of the Act. Some Highlighted Facts:

  • Transferring your complaint to our associated consumer organisation or associated lawyer.
  • Our associated team will study the details of your complaint or may required valid supporting documents for better understanding.
  • You will receive advice on your register email Id from our associated team with all the available options to resolve complaint or help in filing case in consumer forum/court.
  • Processing Fees : 70/- Rs. + Tax.

Note : Complaints received by us can only be proved as strong cases if the consumer has any valid supporting documents to prove him/her right under the “Consumer Protection Act 1986”.

Disclaimer : Our associated network of lawyer's & registered consumer organisation, help consumers for getting legal advice, sending legal notice & filing case in consumer court under consumer protection Act 1986.
Please note we are not a “Consumer Forum” / “Consumer Court” & we neither phone consumers not their opponents since we only rely on written information & evidence to advise in consumer complaints and file complaints through our Associate Lawyer's or Consumer itself or Voluntary Consumers Organisation who are entitled u/s 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to file complaints on behalf of consumers.