January 18, 2018

File Complaint in Consumer Court


File Complaint/Case in Consumer Court / Forum / Fora

  • We are associated with consumer organisation and lawyer to file case/complaint in consumer fora for those consumers who for personal reasons are unable to act on their own in the consumer fora.
  • The Xerox copies of available documents in support of the case/complaint are received in the administrative office and if on the advice of our legal team it is recommended to file complaint, a meeting with the consumer is fixed for finalizing the decision.
  • we charges reasonable costs for preparing:
    • The complaint docket
    • Filing the complaint
    • Appearing for admission of complaint
    • Attend hearings
    • Filing affidavits and written arguments
    • At final oral arguments till complaint is decided and judgment order is passed.
  • If you are looking for “legal advice” or assistance in “filing case in consumer court” then just drop e-mail to consumerhelp007@gmail.com or Submit your complaint
Disclaimer : Our associated network of lawyer's & registered consumer organisation, help consumers for getting legal advice, sending legal notice & filing case in consumer court under consumer protection Act 1986.
Please note we are not a “Consumer Forum” / “Consumer Court” & we neither phone consumers not their opponents since we only rely on written information & evidence to advise in consumer complaints and file complaints through our Associate Lawyer's or Consumer itself or Voluntary Consumers Organisation who are entitled u/s 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to file complaints on behalf of consumers.